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Stainmaster Carpet

This year Stainmaster celebrates 25 years of the most durable, serviceable, and trouble free carpets on the market.  Carpets that you are not afraid to walk or live on! Stainmaster Carpets stay up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer than other carpets.
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ManufacturerFace WeightConstructionPrice
Joy Carpet
Acanthus ES Acanthus ES Joy Carpet
Acanthus RR Acanthus RR Joy Carpet
Admit One ES Admit One ES Milliken Carpets
Adonis Adonis Dixie Home
Alcova Alcova
Royalty Carpet
Alliance Alliance Royalty Carpet
Alluring Alluring Dixie Home
Alluring Alluring Milliken Carpets
Amir Amir Milliken Carpets
Amulet Amulet
Joy Carpet
Animal Crackers ES Animal Crackers ES Joy Carpet
Animal Hide and Seek ES Animal Hide and Seek ES Joy Carpet
Antique Scroll ES Antique Scroll ES Joy Carpet
Antique Scroll RR Antique Scroll RR Royalty Carpet
Arbor Arbor
Milliken Carpets
Arden Arden Milliken Carpets
Arden Arden Dixie Home
Armida Armida Milliken Carpets
Artesia Artesia Milliken Carpets
Artist Brush Artist Brush
Milliken Carpets
Asmora Asmora Milliken Carpets
Asmora Asmora Joy Carpet
Atlantic City ES Atlantic City ES Joy Carpet
Atlantic City RR Atlantic City RR Dixie Home
Azure Azure
Joy Carpet
Baby Dots ES Baby Dots ES Joy Carpet
Baby Dots RR Baby Dots RR Joy Carpet
Back Nine ES Back Nine ES Milliken Carpets
Bainbridge Bainbridge Dixie Home
Balletto Balletto
Barton Court Barton Court Joy Carpet
Bases Loaded ES Bases Loaded ES Joy Carpet
Bee Attitudes ES Bee Attitudes ES Dixie Home
Benovia Benovia Royalty Carpet
Bewitched Bewitched
Milliken Carpets
Billards Billards Milliken Carpets
Billiards Billiards Milliken Carpets
Billiards Billiards Joy Carpet
Billiards ES Billiards ES Joy Carpet
Bit O Scotch ES Bit O Scotch ES
Joy Carpet
Blockbuster ES Blockbuster ES Joy Carpet
Blue Note ES Blue Note ES Joy Carpet
Blue Note RR Blue Note RR Dixie Home
Bollinger Bollinger Dixie Home
Bonterra Bonterra
Joy Carpet
Bookworm ES Bookworm ES Dixie Home
Boston Common Boston Common Dixie Home
Botticelli Botticelli Milliken Carpets
Bouquet Bouquet Milliken Carpets
Bouquet Lace Bouquet Lace
Milliken Carpets
Bouquet Lace Bouquet Lace Milliken Carpets
Bouquet Lace Bouquet Lace Dixie Home
Brant Point Brant Point Royalty Carpet
Brentwood II Brentwood II Dixie Home
Brilliance Brilliance
Milliken Carpets
Brocade Brocade Milliken Carpets
Brocade Brocade Milliken Carpets
Brocade Brocade Dixie Home
Bryan Park Bryan Park Joy Carpet
Bubbles ES Bubbles ES
Milliken Carpets
Cabot Cabot Dixie Home
Calm Seas Calm Seas Milliken Carpets
Cameo Rose Cameo Rose Milliken Carpets
Cameo Rose Cameo Rose Milliken Carpets
Cameo Rose Cameo Rose
Dixie Home
Canoe Ridge Canoe Ridge Joy Carpet
Canyon Ridge ES Canyon Ridge ES Dixie Home
Cape Cod Cape Cod Royalty Carpet
Captivating Captivating Milliken Design For Business
Cardiff 28 Cardiff 28
Dixie Home
Caress Caress Phenix Carpets
Cascade Cascade Philadelphia
Cavalier I Cavalier I Philadelphia
Cavalier II Cavalier II Royalty Carpet
Chalet Chalet
Milliken Carpets
Chapelle Chapelle Milliken Carpets
Chapelle Chapelle Dixie Home
Charleston Place Charleston Place Royalty Carpet
Charmed Charmed Masland Carpets
Claridge Claridge
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