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Stainmaster Carpet

This year Stainmaster celebrates 25 years of the most durable, serviceable, and trouble free carpets on the market.  Carpets that you are not afraid to walk or live on! Stainmaster Carpets stay up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer than other carpets.
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ManufacturerFace WeightConstructionPrice
Milliken Design For Business
Coletta 28 Coletta 28 Milliken Carpets
Collegiate Repeating Collegiate Repeating Dixie Home
Columbia Crest Columbia Crest Milliken Carpets
Copernicus Copernicus Milliken Carpets
Copernicus Copernicus
Joy Carpet
Corinth ES Corinth ES Joy Carpet
Corinth RR Corinth RR Milliken Carpets
Corinthius Corinthius Milliken Carpets
Corinthius Corinthius Milliken Carpets
Corinthius Corinthius
Milliken Carpets
Corner Kick Corner Kick Joy Carpet
Corner Pocket ES Corner Pocket ES Joy Carpet
Corner Pocket RR Corner Pocket RR Dixie Home
Cornucopia Cornucopia Royalty Carpet
Coronation Coronation
Milliken Design For Business
Cortland 28 Cortland 28 Joy Carpet
Cosmopoltan ES Cosmopoltan ES Joy Carpet
Cosmopoltan RR Cosmopoltan RR Aladdin Carpet
Countdown Countdown Milliken Carpets
Country Clubs Country Clubs
Milliken Carpets
Country Clubs Country Clubs Milliken Carpets
Country Clubs Country Clubs Milliken Carpets
Country Clubs Country Clubs Milliken Carpets
Country Clubs Country Clubs Dixie Home
Cozy Cozy
Joy Carpet
Crayons ES Crayons ES Joy Carpet
Damascus ES Damascus ES Joy Carpet
Damascus RR Damascus RR Joy Carpet
Deco Strobe ES Deco Strobe ES Joy Carpet
Deco Strobe RR Deco Strobe RR
Joy Carpet
Deco Ticket ES Deco Ticket ES Milliken Carpets
Decor Pindot Decor Pindot Milliken Carpets
Decor Scroll Decor Scroll Milliken Carpets
Decor Stripe Decor Stripe Milliken Carpets
Decor Trellis Decor Trellis
Dixie Home
Delano Delano Dixie Home
Delight Delight Milliken Carpets
Derbe Derbe Royalty Carpet
Devoir Devoir Milliken Carpets
Devon Lace Devon Lace
Dixie Home
Devon Place Devon Place Joy Carpet
Diamond Plate ES Diamond Plate ES Milliken Carpets
Dimension Dimension Milliken Carpets
Domo Domo Milliken Carpets
Domo Domo
Joy Carpet
Dots Aglow ES Dots Aglow ES Joy Carpet
Dottie ES Dottie ES Masland Carpets
Dumaine Dumaine Milliken Carpets
Dunstan Dunstan Milliken Carpets
Dunvegan Dunvegan
Milliken Carpets
Dunvegan Dunvegan Milliken Carpets
Durham Durham Milliken Carpets
Durham Durham Milliken Carpets
Easton Easton Dixie Home
Echelon Echelon
Joy Carpet
Eclipse ES Eclipse ES Joy Carpet
Edu-Squares ES Edu-Squares ES Dixie Home
Elan Elan Joy Carpet
Electrode ES Electrode ES Queen
Elegant Form IV 12' Elegant Form IV 12'
Elegant Form IV 15' Elegant Form IV 15' Dixie Home
Ellsworth Ellsworth Dixie Home
Englewood Englewood Dixie Home
English Arbor English Arbor Dixie Home
Enthralled Enthralled
Milliken Carpets
Erin Erin Milliken Carpets
Estate Estate Milliken Carpets
Evanston Evanston Dixie Home
Exeter Exeter Milliken Carpets
Fairfax Fairfax
Dixie Home
Fantasia Fantasia Dixie Home
Fascination Fascination Joy Carpet
Feeling Lucky ES Feeling Lucky ES Milliken Carpets
Fine Point Fine Point Dixie Home
Finesse Finesse
Joy Carpet
Finish Line ES Finish Line ES Joy Carpet
Fitness Zone ES Fitness Zone ES Milliken Carpets
Flora Flora Milliken Carpets
Floral Cottage Floral Cottage Milliken Carpets
Floral Lace Floral Lace
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