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Cork Flooring - Cork Floors at Discount Prices

Cork Flooring at the lowest pricesCork floors are yet another sustainable flooring selection. It is harvested every nine years by taking the bark off of cork trees. Since each cork tree used for flooring can produce about 16 harvests in its lifespan; this harvesting is a trait of a lasting agro-forestry system, in which we use the natural resources around us without removing the entire resource from its surroundings.

Cork flooring is organic, recyclable as well as biodegradable, and no organic or manufactured product duplicates its residential properties. Cork flooring products are the natural choice for hypoallergenic, mildew and mold, wetness, dust, as well as pollen resistant flooring. Cork floors are anti-static, it is suggested for use where computer systems and computerized devices are installed. Cork flooring can be utilized anywhere in your house, below as well as, above grade since it is versatile, water-resistant, soft and warm.

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