Firmfit Flooring: Firmfit Pro Collection Overview

by ACWG | July 3, 2024

FirmFit Pro luxury vinyl flooring is an exceptional option for homeowners and commercial spaces. Engineered in the USA, this flooring mimics the rich look of hardwood, offering a variety of styles to complement any décor.

Key Features

  1. Waterproof: FirmFit Pro is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. This feature ensures the floor remains intact and damage-free even in high-moisture areas.
  2. Sound Absorption: The pre-attached pad provides sound absorption, reducing noise and enhancing comfort underfoot. This makes it ideal for households with kids, pets, or in multi-level buildings.
  3. Durability: With an SE+ Anti-microbial finish, FirmFit Pro floors are resistant to mold and mildew, promoting a healthier living environment. The flooring also has a robust wear layer that guards against scratches, dents, and stains.
  4. Easy Installation: The Angle-Angle locking system simplifies the installation process, making it possible for DIY enthusiasts to achieve professional results. The beveled edges further enhance the realistic wood look.
  5. Dimensions: Each plank measures 6.42" in width and 48.62" in length, providing a substantial and authentic appearance.
  6. Warranty: FirmFit Pro offers a 25-year residential warranty and a 5-year light commercial warranty, underscoring its durability and long-term value.


FirmFit Pro stands out for its ability to combine style and practicality. The waterproof nature ensures it can be used in areas where traditional wood flooring would be unsuitable. The sound-absorbing pad makes it a great choice for busy households or multi-family buildings by reducing noise levels. Its durable, anti-microbial finish ensures longevity and a healthier environment, making it ideal for families with children and pets.

Design Versatility

FirmFit Pro comes in a range of colors and finishes, each designed to emulate the natural beauty of hardwood. This variety allows homeowners to choose a style that perfectly matches their interior décor, from rustic oak to modern gray finishes.

Installation and Maintenance

The Angle-Angle locking system and pre-attached pad simplify installation, making it accessible even for those with minimal DIY experience. Maintenance is equally straightforward, requiring only regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping to keep the floors looking pristine.

FirmFit luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice for those seeking the look of hardwood without the associated maintenance challenges. Its waterproof and durable features, combined with easy installation and sound absorption, make it suitable for both residential and light commercial use. The variety of styles ensures there is an option for every taste and décor, providing a versatile and practical flooring solution.

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