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BrandFace WeightConstructionPriceFiber Brand
1000 1000 Tuftex
Abbey's Road Abbey's Road Tuftex
Acadia Park Acadia Park Queen
Activate Activate Queen
Acworth Acworth
Admire Me Admire Me Philadelphia Commercial
Adrenaline 5MM Adrenaline 5MM Philadelphia
Adrenaline UNI Adrenaline UNI Queen
Adrian Adrian Philadelphia
Affirmed Affirmed
After Hours After Hours Queen Commercial
Agility 5MM Agility 5MM Philadelphia
Agility UNI Agility UNI Tuftex
Alante Alante Philadelphia Commercial
Alfresco 12' UNI Alfresco 12' UNI
Philadelphia Commercial
Alfresco 6' UNI Alfresco 6' UNI Philadelphia Commercial
All Access All Access Queen
All At Once All At Once Tuftex
All I Know All I Know Queen
All Is Well All Is Well
All Star Weekend I 12' All Star Weekend I 12' Philadelphia
All Star Weekend I 15' All Star Weekend I 15' Queen
All Star Weekend II 12' All Star Weekend II 12' Queen
All Star Weekend II 15' All Star Weekend II 15' Queen
All Star Weekend III 12' All Star Weekend III 12'
All Star Weekend III 15' All Star Weekend III 15' Queen
Alluring Disposition Alluring Disposition Queen
Always Ready I Always Ready I Queen
Always Ready II Always Ready II Queen
Amazed Amazed
Angora Classic I Angora Classic I Queen
Angora Classic II Angora Classic II Shaw Carpet
Angora Classic III Angora Classic III Queen
Angora Classic IV Angora Classic IV Shaw
Angora I Angora I
Anso It Goes Anso It Goes Philadelphia
Antique Charm Antique Charm Tuftex
Antonelli Antonelli Queen Commercial
Any Place Any Place Queen Commercial
Any Time Any Time
Queen Commercial
Any Where Any Where Queen
Anything But Anything But Tuftex
Applause Applause Queen
Appreciation Appreciation Tuftex
Arbor Arbor
Shaw Indoor Outdoor Carpet
Arbor View (S) Arbor View (S) Philadelphia Commercial
Arbor View (T) Arbor View (T) Tuftex
Arietta Arietta Tuftex
Art District Art District Queen
Artisan Classic Artisan Classic
Artisan Loft I Artisan Loft I Queen
Artisan Loft II Artisan Loft II Queen
Artisan Loft III Artisan Loft III Philadelphia
Artistic Impressions Artistic Impressions Tuftex
Ascend Ascend
Aspen Creek Aspen Creek Philadelphia Commercial
At Play At Play Philadelphia Commercial
At Work At Work Tuftex
Atria Atria Philadelphia Commercial
Autobond Autobond
Avio Avio Philadelphia Commercial
Ayers Hall II Ayers Hall II Tuftex
Backdrop I 12 Backdrop I 12 Shaw Indoor Outdoor Carpet
Backdrop I 6 Backdrop I 6
Shaw Indoor Outdoor Carpet
Backdrop II 12 Backdrop II 12 Shaw Indoor Outdoor Carpet
Backdrop II 6 Backdrop II 6 Tuftex
Bali Bali Philadelphia
Bandit Bandit Queen
Bandit II Bandit II
Bandon Dunes Bandon Dunes Queen
Basic Rules Basic Rules Tuftex
Bayshore Drive Bayshore Drive Philadelphia Commercial
Baytowne II 30 Baytowne II 30 Philadelphia Commercial
Baytowne II 36 Baytowne II 36
Philadelphia Commercial
Baytowne III 30 Baytowne III 30 Philadelphia Commercial
Baytowne III 36 Baytowne III 36 Philadelphia Commercial
Be Open Be Open Philadelphia Commercial
Be Present Be Present Philadelphia Commercial
Be Real Be Real
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