Top 5 Vinyl Plank Flooring Trends for 2024

by J. Collins | June 19, 2024

Top 5 Vinyl Plank Flooring Trends for 2024

Luxury vinyl plank flooring continues to dominate the market, offering a perfect blend of style, durability, and affordability. These trends reflect a growing demand for authentic, high-quality looks that mimic natural materials, innovative designs, and sustainable practices. Let's dive into the top five vinyl plank flooring trends for 2024, featuring some of the leading luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring brands and their standout collections.

1. Authentic Wood and Stone Looks

Southwind – Authentic Plank

One of the most compelling trends in 2024 is the push towards hyper-realistic hardwood and stone looks. Southwind's Authentic Plank collection is a perfect example, offering incredibly realistic wood grains and textures. These planks are designed to replicate the natural imperfections of wood, such as knots and varied grain patterns, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. The Authentic Plank collection stands out for its high-definition visuals and sturdy construction, making it a favorite for both residential and commercial spaces. Also, don't miss out on the Southwind Authentic Mix Plank. Authentic Mix Plank comes in mixed lengths and widths and creates a high-end design that mimics the look of timeless hardwood floors. View the entire Southwind Luxury Vinyl Collection here.

Stylish and Trendy Southwind Authentic Mix Plank


COREtec has also embraced this trend with their stunning array of wood and stone designs. Known for their waterproof flooring and pet-proof flooring qualities, COREtec floors are not only beautiful but also highly practical. Their enhanced bevels and realistic textures make it hard to distinguish their vinyl planks from real hardwood or stone. This makes COREtec a top choice for homeowners looking to achieve a luxurious look without the maintenance hassles. View our COREtec Stone and COREtec Tile products on-line and save when you shop at American Carpet Wholesalers. COREtec is a leading manufacturer in this space. Known for popular styles such as Cairo Oak and Manila Oak. Browse all of our COREtec collections and styles here.

2. Textured and Embossed Finishes

Titan Surfaces

Textured and embossed finishes are gaining traction as they add depth and realism to vinyl plank flooring. Titan Surfaces has been at the forefront of this trend, offering products that feature intricate embossing techniques. These textures not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a tactile experience that mimics the feel of natural materials. Titan Surfaces' commitment to innovation ensures that their floors are both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Offering several collection you are sure to find the perfect fit for your interior design goals! Dive into each Titan luxury vinyl collection to see for yourself:

Colossal  |  Epic  |  Essentials  |  Genesis  |  Prelude  |  Simplicity  |  Traditions

Karndean Design Flooring

Karndean’s luxury vinyl planks are renowned for their sophisticated textures and embossing. Their designs often feature registered embossing, where the texture follows the pattern of the wood grain. This attention to detail results in a floor that looks and feels remarkably authentic. Karndean's wide range of styles and finishes caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone. Recently, Karndean partnered with celebrity designer and TV personality Ty Pennington. See what this flooring design dream team is creating! Karndean features a very impressive luxury vinyl flooring line up. View the Art Select Collection and the Looselay Plank Collection to see for yourself!

Flooring design dream team - Karndean teams up with TV Personality and Celebrity Interior Designer Ty Pennington

3. Wide and Long Planks

Mannington Luxury Vinyl

Wide and long planks continue to be a popular choice in 2024, offering a modern and spacious feel to any room. Mannington Adura features some of the best wide and long plank options on the market. The Mannington Adura Max series, for instance, offers planks up to 72 inches long, providing a seamless and expansive look. 

Mohawk SolidTech Plus

Mohawk’s SolidTech collections, including Amber Escape and Poppy Reserve, also embrace the trend of wide and long planks. These collections are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life while maintaining their beauty. Amber Escape and Poppy Reserve offer a variety of wood-look options that are perfect for creating a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. The wider planks in these collections help to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain, making any space feel more luxurious.

4. Bold and Unique Patterns

Shaw Luxury Vinyl

Bold patterns are making a splash in 2024, allowing homeowners to make a statement with their flooring. The Shaw Floorte collections are leading the way with innovative designs and unique patterns. From Shaw Floorte Pro, Floorte Pro 3 Series, Floorte Pro 5 Series, Floorte Pro 6 Series, and the Shaw Floorte Pro 7 Series, these collections offer a variety of styles that can transform any room into a work of art. Shaw’s commitment to quality ensures that these bold designs are not only visually striking but also durable and easy to maintain.

Shaw Floorte Pro - Where Beauty Meets Beast-Mode. Denser, Harder, Stronger and great looking luxury vinyl flooring

5. Enhanced Durability and Sustainability

Pergo Luxury Vinyl

As environmental consciousness grows, so does the demand for sustainable and durable flooring options. The Pergo Extreme Collection is a prime example of this trend, offering floors that are built to last while being environmentally friendly. The Extreme Collection boasts superior scratch and dent resistance, making it ideal for busy households with kids and pets. Additionally, Pergo is committed to sustainable practices, using recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Take a look at the Pergo Extreme Originals and the Pergo Extreme Preferred Collections to see some of the beautiful designs available.


COREtec also champions sustainability with their eco-conscious flooring solutions. Their products are often made with recycled materials, and they prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices. This, combined with their high-performance wear layers, ensures that COREtec floors are both durable and kind to the planet.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Trends Conclusion

Buy luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring at American Carpet Wholesalers at a great deal! The vinyl plank flooring trends for 2024 highlight a blend of authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. Brands like Southwind, COREtec, Titan Surfaces, Karndean, Mannington, Mohawk SolidTech, Shaw, and Pergo are leading the charge with collections that offer a perfect mix of style and functionality. Whether you're drawn to the realistic textures of Southwind’s Authentic Plank, the bold patterns in Shaw’s Floorte collections, or the eco-friendly durability of Pergo’s Extreme Collection, there's something to suit every taste and lifestyle.

As you consider your flooring options for the coming year, these trends and brands offer a wealth of inspiration and quality choices. Vinyl plank flooring has never been more versatile or stylish, making it an excellent investment for any home or commercial space in 2024. Contact American Carpet Wholesalers and see how much you can save with our direct to the consumer wholesale prices. We are the low cost leader in flooring and would love to help you buy your next luxury vinyl floor at the lowest prices possible.