Waterproof Flooring You Can Trust: The Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood Advantage

by J. Collins | June 28, 2024

Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood Advantage

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, you need a solution that combines durability, beauty, and sustainability. The Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection offers all of these qualities and more, making it a top choice for homeowners seeking reliable and eco-friendly flooring. At American Carpet Wholesalers, we are proud to present the Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection—a superior flooring option designed to meet all your needs. Mohawk PureTech Plus offers protection from water in moisture prone areas of your home.

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Discover the Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood Collection

The Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each plank showcases the natural beauty of wood while providing the durability of luxury vinyl. This collection features premium embossing and a Natural Edge, giving your floors an authentic hardwood look that enhances any space. Not only does this floor look great but it is a waterproof flooring solution!

Features of Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood

Sustainable Flooring Solution: The Ellenwood collection is PVC-free, contains 70% total recycled content, and boasts an 80% organic, renewable core, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

3X More Scratch Resistant: Compared to traditional LVT, the Mohawk PureTech Plus flooring is three times more scratch-resistant and comes with a lifetime pet scratch warranty, ensuring your floors remain pristine despite the wear and tear from pets.

Waterproof with WetProtect: This collection is designed to be waterproof, offering peace of mind against spills and moisture with Mohawk's WetProtect technology.

All Pet Warranty: With an All Pet warranty, you can rest assured that your floors are protected against all pet-related damage.

GenuEdge Technology: The GenuEdge technology provides an enhanced edge visual that mimics the natural look of hardwood, adding to the authentic appearance of your flooring.

Uniclic Installation: The Uniclic locking system makes installation a breeze, allowing for a secure and seamless fit on both wood and concrete sub-floors.

PureTech Plus Ellenwood Offers Authentic Hardwood Designs

The Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection offers a range of stunning colors that complement any interior design. One of the standout options is Mountain Ridge Oak, a rich brown hue that brings warmth and elegance to any room. The Ellenwood collection stands out for its authentic hardwood flooring designs. The planks feature exquisite detailing and premium embossing that replicate the natural variations and textures of real wood. The GenuEdge technology enhances the realism by creating a seamless edge that looks just like genuine hardwood. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Mountain Ridge Oak or another beautiful shade, the Ellenwood collection offers a design to suit your style.

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Product Specifications

  • Collection Name: Ellenwood
  • Product Line: PureTech Plus
  • Product Type: Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank
  • Color Name: Mountain Ridge Oak
  • AC Rating: AC4
  • Color Group: Browns
  • Edge Treatment: GenuEdge®
  • Gloss: N/A
  • Texture: EIR
  • Installation Method: Uniclic®
  • Locking System: Uniclic®
  • Sub-Floor: Wood/Concrete
  • Underlayment: Attached
  • Length: 54 inches
  • Plank Thickness: 10 mm
  • Sq. Ft. Per Carton: 28.22
  • Width in Inches: 7.5

Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood Conclusion

The Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection is an exceptional choice for homeowners looking for durable, beautiful, and sustainable flooring. With features like advanced scratch resistance, waterproof protection, and easy installation, this collection meets the demands of modern living while maintaining the timeless appeal of hardwood. Explore the Mohawk PureTech Plus Ellenwood collection at American Carpet Wholesalers and transform your home with flooring you can trust. Buy these floors at low prices at American Carpet Wholesalers. Contact us today for a quote and see how much you will save. If you find a lower price, call us and let's talk about it! We would love to discuss any prices lower than ours.

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