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Bamboo Flooring: The Sustainable Choice for Your Home

environmentally friendly bamboo flooring options at american carpet wholesaleSo just what is bamboo floor covering? In today's world, in addition to oak hardwoods, maple hardwoods, bamboo flooring has found itself as an appealing option for flooring because of its physical correlations to hardwoods. While not an actual hardwood it is very resilient and is found in numerous colors, and manufactured in visually striking styles and finishes. Bamboo is a green alternative to traditional hardwood due to it being a grass from Asia with a tremendous regrowth rate. 100% Recyclable! 


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Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring

Bamboo floors are an eco-friendly flooring option made from only natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. The use of natural materials is an important trend in the construction industry right now. As people are becoming more ecologically conscious they are demanding environmentally friendly flooring options that reflect these values. They are also seeking materials and designs that reject the modern cookie cutter world and instead focus on individual personality and natural evolution.