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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequent questions we receive at American Carpet Wholesalers. If you do not see the answer or question you are looking for, submit your question by using our " Contact Us" form.

Q: Who is American Carpet Wholesalers?

   A:  American Carpet Wholesalers is located in Dalton, Georgia, the Carpet Capital of the world. Our staff consists of some of the most experienced floor covering professionals in the industry. We are a 2007 Honoree of Inc. magazine. American Carpet Wholesalers of GA, Inc. was recognized by Inc. as one of the top privately held corporations in America for our growth in the last four years. We have been incorporated since July of 2000 and operating online since August of 2002.

Q: If I order from you how do I know I will get what I ordered?

  A: Read the  reviews left by our customers.   This should give a good indication as to how we conduct our business.

Q: What if I need to contact you?

  A: We post of our contact info in multiple locations on our website. You can contact us by email, telephone or can visit our store if you are in the area. As a matter of fact, safe shopping tips provided by some consumer advice sites suggest you stay away from sites that provide only a telephone number or worse, just an email address. We do not use private registration services to mask our identity. A good customer experience will result in many more transactions.

Q: Why do you post some prices and not post others?

  A: A great question. Carpet is very tricky. Depending on the quantity, there are multiple price levels. Plus, shipping rates vary greatly from state to state. We have over 20,000 SKU's of carpet on our site. Carpet is directly affected by the price of oil. As the cost goes up and stays there, the manufacturers have no choice but to adjust the selling prices. When oil is stable, we typically have one price adjustment a year. For the last year and a half we have experienced price increases about every 3 months. With so many SKU's it takes about 3 weeks to update them all every time there is a price adjustment by the manufacturers. For now it is much better for you  to to call us for the current prices and let us find the best shipping rate for you.

On some of the other items, the manufacturers are establishing minimum prices that we can publically display. This is to protect local dealers that have a limited customer base. If an item does not have a price, typically it means that we can offer you a much lower price than the manufactuer will allow us to show. Our prices are very competitive and some of the lowest to be found any where.

Q: What if I place an order and I get the wrong item, can I return it? 

  A: The general answer is yes. But some items are non returnable. Laminate and hardwood trim pieces, adhesives, cleaners and underlayment. You should take care when ordering these items. Of course if you get the wrong items, a replacement or an adjustment would be made. Likewise, you should take care when ordering online. If you should inadvertently order the wrong item, the flooing could be returned, but you would be responsible for the return freight and any manufacturer's restocking fee. If we, or the manufacturer, send you the wrong item, no extra fees would apply. We would make arrangements for you to send the material back to us and reship the correct item to you. But it must be unopened and unaltered. Plus a reshipment cannot be made until the returning freight carrier has picked up the original shipment.

Q: What if have material left over, can I return it?

  A: Usually it is advisable that you keep extra material in case you have an accident. But you can as long as the minimum return requirements are met. Carpet manufacturers have minimum return sizes that vary by manufacturer. This would need to be discussed if the instance arose. Hardwood, laminate, and tile is generally a 5 box minimum. You would be responsible for returned freight. We cannot accept opened or damage material. Please note the protection on your original shipment. We took extra care when shipping to you and you would need to take the same care when returning to prevent damage in transit.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

 A: Yes, but only from Local, State, and Federal Government agencies.

Q: Can I pick up my order at your warehouse and save shipping charges

  A: People pick up their orders at warehouse on a daily basis. Our warehouse hours are Monday thru Friday 8;30 AM til 5:30 PM Eastern time. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay shipping charges but we are obligated to charge Georgia Sales Tax on non-interstate shipments.