Bruce Hardwood Flooring

by ACWG | June 24, 2024

Bruce Hardwood is a distinguished name in the flooring industry, known for its craftsmanship and innovation. With over 100 years of experience, Bruce offers an extensive range of hardwood flooring options, each designed to meet varying aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Features of Bruce Hardwood

1. Variety of Styles

Bruce Hardwood comes in an array of styles to match any décor. From Hand Scraped and American Exotics to Rustics and Traditional Hardwoods, there’s a style for everyone. Hand Scraped floors provide a rustic, timeworn appearance, while American Exotics offer unique wood species like hickory and maple. The Rustics collection highlights natural textures and grains, and Traditional Hardwoods provide a classic look with oak and other popular species.

2. Quality Assurance

Every plank of Bruce Hardwood undergoes a meticulous 75-point inspection process. This rigorous quality check ensures that each piece meets the brand’s high standards for durability, finish, and structural integrity. This attention to detail guarantees that your flooring will not only look beautiful but will also stand the test of time.

3. Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Bruce offers both solid and engineered hardwood options. Solid hardwood is made from a single piece of wood and is known for its longevity and ability to be refinished multiple times. Engineered hardwood consists of multiple layers of wood, making it more stable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature, ideal for areas like basements or over concrete subfloors.

You can find many options within the range of solid and engineered collection from Bruce Hardwood. Styles such as, American Honor Plank, Early Canterbury Plank, and Rooted In Tradition from the Engineered style. Also, Barnwood Living, Manchester Plank, Natural Choice, etc., from their solid styles. 

4. Wide Selection of Finishes and Species

With Bruce Hardwood, customers can choose from a variety of finishes, including high gloss, semi-gloss, and low gloss, each providing a different level of shine and maintenance requirement. The selection of wood species includes traditional options like oak, maple, and cherry, as well as more exotic choices like hickory and walnut, offering diverse aesthetics and performance characteristics.

5. Installation and Maintenance

Bruce Hardwood is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. Many of their engineered hardwood products feature a click-lock installation system, making it a suitable choice for DIY enthusiasts. For maintenance, regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping are typically sufficient to keep the floors looking their best. Bruce also offers cleaning products specifically formulated for their floors, ensuring optimal care and longevity.

6. Sustainability

Bruce Hardwood is committed to sustainable forestry practices. They source their wood from responsibly managed forests and employ manufacturing processes that minimize waste and environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability means that choosing Bruce Hardwood is not only a decision for quality but also an environmentally conscious choice.

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Bruce Hardwood flooring stands out for its variety, quality, and commitment to sustainability. With styles to suit every taste and robust quality assurance, Bruce Hardwood is a wise investment for any home. At American Carpet Wholesalers, you can purchase these exceptional floors at unbeatable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money today! Contact us with any questions you may have and we'll be happy to answer.