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American Carpet Wholesalers: How To Use This Site

Sometimes when we visit websites, navigation can be difficult unless you designed the site. While we strive to maintain a site that is user friendly, as we add more and more products, finding what you are
looking for sometimes seems impossible. We have compiled some user feedback to make using our site more friendly. The questions and answers have been categorized below.

Product Availability:
Q: I know the carpet I want but can't find it on your site. Is it available from ACWG? S. Kilmer, SD
A. There are literally thousands of carpet style names not listed on our site. It is virtually impossible
for us to obtain samples and take pictures of all of them. You can request product pricing by using
our "price quote form."
Q: I requested pricing on a carpet and you told me that you have the carpet with a different
name, why is that? J. Spivey, ID
A: Most carpet mills will take one carpet style and label that style with as many as 50 different names,
all being the identical product. They then can offer this product at Home Center A with one name and
then Home Center B with another. They can also offer the carpet to all the local stores in your area
with as many different names as necessary. We keep good records once we have identified some of
the other names and you will be guaranteed to receive the identical carpet. That is also why we ask
a lot of questions on our "price request form". We want to makes sure that the product we quote is
the product you want.
Q: Does that not prevent me from comparison shopping?
A: Somewhat and also makes our job a little tougher. But in the long run keeps the cost of the carpet
down. By using inventory from one single SKU for say 10 different stores is less production cost than
maintaining inventory for 10 different styles for 10 different stores.
Prices Posted On Website:
Why do some products on your website have prices and others do not? W. Sanderson, CA
A: The main reason is the manufacturers online pricing policy. (More about MAP) Another reason
is that we have just experienced multiple industry wide price increases and are updating our database.
Q: How do I get your absolute best price? Johnson Rentals, AZ
A: For products with prices posted, simply add to the shopping cart, enter desired quantity (very important), let us know the accessories you need i.e.: padding, glue, etc and then submit the cart. We
will return the cart to you with our lowest price including any shipping charges. For products without prices, click "request pricing" and follow the steps above. For products not found on the website or carpets where the names may have been changed, use our "price quote form"
Comparison Pricing:  
Q: How do I compare your price with my local price? A. Benedict, WA 
Locally add the cost of carpet, pad, and sales tax. From ACWG add the carpet, pad and shipping. Subtract the ACWG price (including shipping) from your local price (including sales tax) and the results is your savings.
Q: Some online retailers offer free shipping, why don't you?  J. Estrada, TX
A: Sometimes we offer free shipping on "clearance items". When we do this, we do not raise the price
to cover shipping costs. You should always compare the bottom line price and go with the lower price.
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