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Featured Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Flooring Collections:

Mohawk Hardwood Floors offer handcrafted beauty and exceptional quality by using the finest hardwoods and the exclusive CrystalShield™ finish. Mohawk Solid Wood Floors are offered for those who want the look and construction of 3/4" solid hardwood. These floors come already prefinished which could not be duplicated with a job-site finish. Mohawk Engineered Hardwood Floors are offered for those who want a real hardwood floor and do not want to worry about the problems normally associated with solid wood. All of Mohawk's engineered floors have a specially formulated, Ultra-Violet cured urethane finish for greater performance and ease of cleaning. Buy Mohawk hardwood flooring with confidence at American Carpet Wholesalers, an Inc. 5000 company. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring discount prices everyday.

mohawk engineered vs solid-hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed to reduce the moisture problems associated with conventional solid hardwood flooring. Its layers block moisture and provide added stability to your floor. Engineered flooring will not swell or warp, which makes it very low maintenance and allows for easy cleanup. Unlike conventional solid hardwood, which comes straight out of a tree and into your home, engineered hardwood is a more complex product that consists of several layers.The core layers make the product more stable under greater temperature and humidity ranges than regular hardwood floors, while the outer veneer surface adds the beauty and authenticity of natural wood.

Choosing engineered flooring is considered more eco-friendly than solid hardwood for a number of reasons. Veneer is sliced rather than cut with a saw. This process produces no sawdust, which means that all of the tree’s wood can be used. The excess sawdust produced making hardwood flooring boards is unfortunately wasted and can add up to a surprising amount. Hardwood trees grow much more slowly than the trees used to make engineered flooring cores. Because more of the surface area of the tree is used in the production of making the veneer and sublayers, installing traditional solid hardwood uses many times the number of slow-growing trees. This makes the replenishing the cut timber time much longer over the growing cycle.

Engineered hardwood is also more stable over time than solid wood flooring. This means that the planks will expand and contract less when changes in temperature and humidity occur. As a result, Mohawk engineered wood flooring is a great choice for those who want reasonably priced flooring that will last for many years to come.

mohawk engineered hardwood flooring