Shaw Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring

by J. Collins | June 20, 2024

Transform Your Home with Shaw Floorte Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Affordable, Stylish, and Durable Options at American Carpet Wholesalers

Are you planning on upgrading your home with stunning, high-quality luxury vinyl flooring without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Floorte collection of Shaw luxury vinyl flooring, available at American Carpet Wholesalers. Renowned for its exquisite design, durability, and affordability, Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl is the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking elegance and resilience in their flooring.

Discover the Shaw Floorte Collections

Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl flooring is crafted with precision and designed to meet the highest standards of style and functionality. At American Carpet Wholesalers, we offer the Shaw Floorte lineup direct to the consumer wholesale pricing. Each Shaw Floorte Collection is tailored to suit different needs and preferences: Floorte Elite Collection, Shaw Floorte Collection, and Shaw Floorte Pro Collection.

Floorte Elite Collection

The Shaw Floorte Elite Collection is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. This collection features a variety of stunning designs that replicate the natural beauty of hardwood and stone. Featuring PawDefense scratch resistant technology Floorte ELite is a pet-friendly flooring solution. With products like Cattitude, Paw-Some, and Prodigy you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home!

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Shaw Floorte Elite Collection - Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products

Shaw Floorte Collection

The Shaw Floorte Collection offers a broad range of stylish and affordable options that don’t compromise on quality. Perfect for any room in your home, this collection includes: Alto Plank, Titan HD Plus Plank, Tivoli Plank, Dwell and many more beautiful designs.

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Shaw Floorte Collection - Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products

Shaw Floorte Pro Collection

For those seeking enhanced durability and performance, the Shaw Floorte Pro Collection is the ideal choice. Engineered to withstand heavy use, this collection is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. In the Shaw Floorte Pro collection you will find designs that you will love such as Fresh Take, Paragon HD Plus, Endura 512C, Floorte Pro 3 Series, and a large collection of beautiful designs.

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Shaw Floorte Pro Collection - Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products

Benefits and Features of Shaw Floorte Luxury Vinyl

Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl flooring is not only visually stunning but also packed with practical benefits:

Waterproof: Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl is designed to resist moisture, preventing warping and damage. Floorte Luxury vinyl is a water resistant and waterproof flooring solution

Durable: With a robust wear layer, these floors can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for busy households and commercial spaces.

Easy Installation: Featuring a click-and-lock installation system, Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl is easy to install, saving you time and money. Ideal for DIY luxury vinyl flooring installation projects.

Comfort: The resilient surface of Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl provides a comfortable underfoot feel, making it pleasant to walk on.

Buy Shaw Floorte Luxury Vinyl at American Carpet Wholesalers

At American Carpet Wholesalers, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl at unbeatable prices. Our wholesale pricing ensures you get the best deals on high-quality flooring, making it affordable to achieve the look you desire. Plus, with our extensive industry experience and knowledgeable sales staff, you can trust that you’re getting expert advice and top-notch service.

On Sale Now! Don’t miss out on our current promotions and discounts on Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl. If you find a better deal elsewhere, give us a call, and let's talk about it. We’re committed to ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Nationwide Shipping and Exceptional Service! No matter where you are in the United States, American Carpet Wholesalers offers nationwide shipping, so you can enjoy Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl flooring in your home, no matter your location. With years of service in the flooring industry, we have the expertise to help you choose the perfect flooring solution for your needs.

Transform your home today with the beauty and durability of Shaw Floorte luxury vinyl flooring. Contact us to explore our extensive flooring products and take advantage of our incredible wholesale pricing. At American Carpet Wholesalers, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring at the best possible price.