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Quickstep EverTEK Select Hardwood Floors - Quickstep - Hardwood Flooring

QuickStep Evertek Select Hardwood Collection

Introducing QuickStep EverTEK hardwood flooring a 100% waterproof hardwood flooring option. Elevate your home with three distinct collections: Centoria, Perrano, and Trestina. Each collection is a symphony of style and resilience, offering a range of colors to complement your unique taste. Dive into the timeless beauty of Centoria, the bold charm of Perrano, and the classic allure of Trestina. QuickStep brings you hardwood flooring that transcends the ordinary, making every step a statement of elegance.

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Key Benefits and Features of QuickStep EverTEK - 100% Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

Trestina Key Benefits:

QuickStep EverTEK™ is not just hardwood flooring; it's a promise of longevity. The EverTek Trestina Collection boasts 100% waterproof hardwood flooring, thanks to the advanced WetProtect® TEKnology. Revel in the confidence of a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty that guards against water damage. EverLast® TEKnology ensures a lifetime of beauty, and EasyClean® TEKnology simplifies cleanup with stain and soil protection. CleanProtect® adds antimicrobial properties, creating a floor that's not just stunning but also hygienic.

Perrano Key Benefits:

Immerse yourself in luxury with the EverTek Perrano Collection, where style meets resilience. This collection features 100% waterproof hardwood flooring, powered by the groundbreaking WetProtect® TEKnology. Enjoy the security of a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty, guarding against moisture damage. EverLast® TEKnology guarantees a lifetime of aesthetic appeal, while EasyClean® TEKnology provides stain and soil protection. Enhanced lacquer further resists stains and soil build-up within the grain, ensuring your floor looks its best longer.

Centoria Key Benefits:

Step into a world of enduring elegance with the EverTek Centoria Collection. Offering 100% waterproof hardwood flooring, Centoria is your assurance against water-related concerns, backed by a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty. EverLast® TEKnology ensures a lasting aesthetic, while EasyClean® TEKnology shields against stains and soil. The enhanced lacquer within the grain resists build-up, maintaining the floor's pristine appearance over time.

Buy from American Carpet Wholesalers:

Why settle for ordinary prices when you can enjoy extraordinary discounts at American Carpet Wholesalers? Immerse yourself in the luxury of QuickStep EverTEK Hardwood – not just beautiful but 100% waterproof flooring. Benefit from deep discounts and low costs without compromising on quality. We ship nationwide, ensuring you can transform your home no matter where you are. Visit our showroom in Dalton, GA, or explore our online store to experience the perfect blend of quality, affordability, and nationwide convenience. Elevate your surroundings with QuickStep EverTEK Hardwood – where style meets savings and waterproof peace of mind.

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