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Dog lying on Carpet

Pet Friendly Carpet 

Quality to Keep Your Home Fresh, at The Most Affordable Prices

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Find the best Pet Friendly Carpet for your home today with our wide selection of carpet made to withstand even the biggest pet messes. Shop our selected options from carpet with stain protection, lifetime pet warranties, to options that make cleaning up pet stains even easier. Get back to enjoying your home and your furry friends and breathe easy knowing your carpet is allowing for cleaner air quality.


Explore Our Pet Friendly Carpet Collections Below


How To Choose The Best Pet Friendly Carpet For Your Home:

  • Durability - Look for high performance carpet to stand up to the wear and tear of active pets

  • Construction + Color - Consider a low pile style with a textured look

  • Stain Resistance + Cleanability - Accidents are inevitable, easy-to-clean carpet is a must, built-in stain protections provide peace of mind