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Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring | Save 30-60% Now!

Love the look and feel of hardwood? The rigidity? The easy-to-clean finish? Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring has the potential to offer all of this for a fraction of the cost. Rigid core vinyl is engineered to have the natural appeal of true wood floors while offering a waterproof, scratch and dent resistant design to keep your floors looking beautiful. Not to mention that they're designed to be installed anywhere in your home or business, including basements and bathrooms.

Top Rated Rigid Core Products

Benefits of Rigid Core Flooring:
  • Waterproof: One of the biggest benefits of Rigid Core flooring is that they offer waterproof flooring solutions that can be installed anywhere in your home, including basements.
  • Affordability: Rigid Core luxury vinyl products range widely in cost, but most are considered affordable solutions that can bring the style you want to any room at a price you'll love!
  • Easy Installation: Offering a simple tounge and grove locking system, Rigid Core floors offer a simple Installation process. Additionally, they can be installed over most pre-existing hard surface floors.
  • Maintenance & Care: Simple to install and simple to clean. What more could you ask for? Rigid Core floors make it easy to clean up after spills, kids, and pets making it the perfect flooring solution for everyday life.
  • Appearance: Want the premium look without the premium cost? You can get the natural look and feel you want with a Rigid Core product that doesn't break the bank.
  • Noise: With a Rigid inner core and the pre-attached pad many of our products have, sound reduction will be in full effect. This makes Rigid Core flooring a great choice for upstairs or anywhere you want to reduce noise overall.
Construction of Rigid Core Vinyl Floor:

When looking at Rigid Core Vinyl flooring products, these elements are typically part of their construction:

  • Wear Layer: Adding scratch and stain resistance to your flooring, the transparent wear layer is designed to increase the longevity of your floors to keep them looking beautiful longer.
  • Vinyl Layer: This is the layer that resembles the wood or tile textures of your flooring. The color, style, and mimiced material will vary from product to product, but will showcase their beauty to the full-extent nonetheless.
  • Rigid Core: This gives your floor it's rigidity. The materials that make up this layer vary based upon their design and determine the durability that set products apart from one another.
  • Pre-Attached Underlayment: While not included with every product, pre-attached underlayments are increasing in popularity because of their reduction in steps for installation, noise reduction, and more under-foot comfort.